In all of us there is a hunger to know our heritage .... to know who we are and where we came from.

                                                                            - Alex Haley,  Roots

Information About our Group

Mission Statement:
To provide an opportunity for individuals to learn about and improve their skills in researching family history; and to provide useful historical resources for the community.

Name of Our Group:
Our group is called the Beautiful Plains Family History Group. We are an independent group dedicated to the collection, organization and presentation of historical and genealogical information. We welcome the participation of individuals with all levels of experience in genealogy and historical research.

Executive Officers:
Co-Chairs: Norma Forsman and Carol Bray
Secretary: Debbie Kerkowich

We usually meet on the third Wednesday of each month at 7:00 pm in the County Court Building in Neepawa, 282 Hamilton Street.

Meeting Format:
Quite often we have a short presentation by a member on a topic of interest, a time to share what topics we are researching, and time to do research and help each other as needed.


We charge a $15 yearly membership fee, and often members will donate a loonie or toonie to the bean jar at each meeting. We use our funds to pay for printing costs, wifi costs, and the purchase of items like binders and storage cabinets.

   Please email us if you have a question or comment: